The work Cleansing was created and presented in 2011 within the framework of the art program Expanded space. In the project of 2011, the works addressed the theme of migration and relocation.

The work highlights the idea of redefining one’s image by cleansing one’s past through attempts of removing or eliminating undesirable or inappropriate aspects of one’s life. The apple, a Christian symbol of the original sin, becomes an emblem of a past marked by transgression, a past one desires to be wiped, cleaned. Symbolically the sin and guilt is transferred from one object to the other because nothing can be erased without a trace.

EXPANDED SPACE – MIGRATION AND RELOCATION  project,  8 september – 31 october 2011, Kiseleff Park, Bucharest / Proiectul SPATIU EXPANDAT – MIGRARE SI REASEZARE, Parcul Kiseleff, Bucuresti,


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